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Hi, we're HQLabs!

We empower our users to achieve their goals with smarter business software.

Our Products

We offer two very different apps for a better business process.


awork is our vision of smarter work management. No matter if you’re a freelancer or working in a larger team: you need to organise your projects, tasks and times – as quickly as possible. awork does just that: help you get organised. That includes:

We believe that – while there are tons of “to-do apps” out there, none of them is smart enough to handle the flexibility of the modern workplace. awork is smarter and more intuitive than any other work management you or your team have tried – and there is a free version available – so give it a try today!

The HQ

The HQ is our all-in-one solution for teams of 5 or more in the professional services sector. If you’re a creative agency, a team of consultants or architects: The HQ has your entire business process covered. It contains everything you need to:

The HQ is highly customisable and we offer world-class services to migrate from your existing solutions. With over 500 customers and 10.000+ users, the HQ is an established one-stop-shop solution that can handle the most complex of processes.

The HQLabs Team

About us

We’re a team of 30 engineers, marketers, customer success specialists and general problem solvers.

HQLabs is based in beautiful Hamburg, Germany.

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Read our Blogs

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Our magazine about productivity, artificial intelligence and the future of work. We publish interviews and research with specialists in the field and report on new work experiments we and our partners try at our companies.

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Die GlasQgel

German only: Unser Blog über die Zukunft der Agenturarbeit. Neue Formen der Teamarbeit, der Umgang mit Zeiterfassung und sich wandelnde Modelle in der Agenturwelt inkl. vieler Interviews mit unseren HQ Kunden.

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The awork blog

New features, plans for the roadmap, tutorial videos, success cases and things we learned while developing awork – if you’re interested in the product: sign up!

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Die HQ News

German only: Alles rund um das HQ. Updates, Anwenderberichte unserer Kunden, Hintergrundinformationen zum Hosting in Partnerschaften, die unseren Kunden zu Gute kommen.

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